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Council Accountability Group Richmond Hill Inc. was formed with the mission of informing the public of local politics and holding the elected officials accountable.

Meet the CAG Co-Founders


Marj Andre

Marj Andre is the owner of, a web site and e-newsletter “that lets the community know what is happening in Town”.  Community involvement is very important to Marj.  As well as promoting and attending many of the local events, she has taken on further roles and commitments. Richmond Hill has been home for Marj since 1989.  She has raised 5 sons here.  Marj works with others to cultivate and nurture an enriched community.


Carol Davidson

Carol has lived in Richmond Hill for over 20 years.  She works as an academic researcher and a media strategist. Carol was a journalist and manager with CTV News for many years. She has also worked for both Federal and Provincial Ministries. In 2018, Carol ran for Richmond Hill Council Ward 1 and continues to be proactive in her community.  She has a MA in Journalism and a BA in Political Science. 

Carol resigned from CAG in November 2021.  We are very appreciative of all the hard work Carol has done over the past 2 1/2 years. Without Carol at the helm as a co-founder CAG would not have existed.

Read her notice here


Marian Nalley

Marian was a senior manager with the Ontario Public Service for many years retiring December 2019.

Her area of expertise is in Business Planning, Operational Excellence, Organizational Design, process improvement, Human Resources, consultation and Volunteer Management.  Marian has lived in Richmond Hill for over 30 years and is actively engaged in the community through volunteering and fundraising.

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Reinforcing our Commitment to provide Residents with Information


Increasing Awareness of the Impact of Council's Actions


We will answer your questions about Municipal Government

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