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Agenda for Richmond Hill Council Meeting - September 23, 2020

The Agenda is posted for the upcoming Richmond Hill Council Meeting on Wednesday September 23 at 9:30am.

Items of interest include:

Staff are seeking Council’s direction with respect to a revised development proposal from Goldenville Developments to permit 3 towers (2 x 32 storeys & 1 x 16 storey) at Carrville and Yonge area.

  • Staff recommends approval of the revised development proposal. Find full details here.

Staff is seeking approval for the 2021 Council Meeting schedule. Maybe one more opportunity to write Council asking that the Council Meetings are held in the evening so that working taxpayers are able to attend if they so desire.

Staff report back on Proxy Voting. This would allow a Member of Council to appoint another Member of Council as a proxy to act in their place when they are absent from a meeting.

  • Staff is recommending not to implement Proxy Voting at this time primarily due to issues around declaring Pecuniary Interest as well as the requirement for the Clerk to develop many procedures to address various scenarios. Council has already had to implement significant adaptations to its meeting processes as a result of COVID-19. Staff also feel that allowing Members to continue to participate electronically in meetings reduces the need for proxy voting.


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