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RH Council Meeting April 22, 2020

Follow up on Special Council Meeting April 22

RH Council Meeting Councillor David West's Member Motion to request that the LPAT hearing regarding the Yonge Bernard KDA be rescheduled to the Fall was moved to Closed Session due to solicitor client privilege.

The recorded vote to move the Member Motion to Closed Session was as follows: For Barrow, Perrelli, DiPaola, Beros, Muench & Lui. Against West, Cilevitz & Chan

The outcome in regards to Councillor West's motion was that the Clerk said "there is nothing to report out or consider on this motion in open session".

Councillor West brought forth this motion to request that not only the LPAT hearing be delayed but also to delay the May 13th Council meeting dealing with the Yonge Bernard KDA in order to facilitate proper live and in person delegation from citizens when COVID-19 restrictions may be eased. Given the reason why the LPAT hearing delay was requested why are residents now allowed to hear the outcome of the Closed Session regarding this Member Motion?

Agenda for April 22, 2020 Council Meeting

Items of interest:

  • Electronic Delegations will be accepted: The public may apply to appear as an electronic delegation by video conference or by telephone.

  • Creation of the Recover Richmond Hill Task Force. Recommendation that Councillor West, Councillor Chan and Councillor Muench be appointed to the Task Force. View Terms of Reference

  • Update on Bill 108, More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019 and Development Charges Interest Policy. Read Staff Report

  • Member Motion – Councillor West – Reschedule an LPAT hearing on the Yonge/Bernard KDA to permit live and in person public participation. Read Councillor West’s motion

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