All the Facts about the RH “special fund”!

One question asked on Councillor Perrelli’s recent “survey” was “The City of Richmond Hill has a special fund, which it uses to make donations that are unrelated City business. There is no staff recommendation or vetting process. Anyone can just show-up and ask for your hard-earned tax dollars.”

Here are the facts! This question is in reference to the Council Engagement & Marketing Account. According to David Dexter, Director, Financial Services/Treasurer this account has an approved budget of $80,100 for 2019 that is managed out of the Mayor’s office. The detailed expenditures including who received the funds and how much are listed publicly every quarter. To date just over $35K has been spent sponsoring various community organizations and events.

Councillor Perrelli’s survey neglected to mention that each Councillor also has a “Community Expense/Donations” category as part of their expense accounts. To date over $14k has been spent on various activities. There is no staff recommendation or vetting process and the quarterly expenses do not provide any details as to who received the donation or what the money was used for unlike the Council Engagement & Marketing Account as you can see below.

All Council Expenses should be detailed and transparent just like the Council Engagement & Marketing Account!

Below is a listing of the expenditures of the Council Engagement & Marketing Account as of June 30, 2019:

  1. Sponsorship for Richmond Hill Board of Trade Chamber Banner

  2. Sponsorship for Chabad Lubavitch of Richmond Hill Chanukah Event

  3. Sponsorship for Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association Gala

  4. Sponsorship for Association of Iranian Canadians for Nowruz Fire Festival

  5. Sponsorship of Supplies for RHCPA 10th Anniversary

  6. Sponsorship for Mosaic Interfaith Out of the Cold

  7. Sponsorship of Supplies for Mayor’s Clergy Breakfast

  8. Sponsorship for Richmond Hill, Markham & Vaughan Chinese Business

  9. Association Annual Gala

  10. Sponsorship for Richmond Hill, Markham & Vaughan Chinese Business

  11. Association MRVCBA CNY Networking Event

  12. Sponsorship for Yellow Brick House Gala

  13. Sponsorship of Supplies for Certificates for Grand Opening of New Businesses and Milestone Certificates

  14. Sponsorship of Supplies for Council Open House

  15. Sponsorship for Big Brothers Big Sisters of York

  16. Sponsorship for Permit Fees for 2019 Iranian Canadians Nowruz Fire Festival

  17. Sponsorship for 2019 Portraits of Giving Richmond Hill Honouree

  18. Sponsorship of Art for “Town of Richmond Hill Award”

  19. Sponsorship for 27th Annual Police Appreciation Night

  20. Sponsorship for Mayor’s Character Awards

  21. Sponsorship for 2019 Karnavali Ad

  22. Sponsorship for Event Honorarium

  23. Sponsorship for Big Brothers Big Sisters of York Event

  24. Golf Cart Sponsor for Richmond Hill Board of Trade

  25. Sponsorship of Polo for Heart Driveway Billboard

  26. Sponsorship of Supplies for Raptors Event

Full expenditure details can be found at:

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