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Another Perrelli lawsuit and this one is a doozy! $3M+.

Councillor Perrelli launched another lawsuit on August 4, 2022 and this time he is suing the City, former City Manager Mary-Anne Dempster, City Clerk Stephen Huycke, Acting City Manager Darlene Joslin, HR Director Catherine Treacy and City Council with the notable exception of Councillor Greg Beros and Councillor Tom Muench.

Perelli and Beros's Chief of Staff, Mike Makrigiorgos, is also suing the City and former City Manager Mary-Anne Dempster for $1.5M in a suit launched the same day as the Perrelli suit with both being represented by the same lawyers. Read the Makrigiorgos Statement of Claim

Another Special Council Meeting has been scheduled for September 7, 2022 at 9:30am to discuss this latest Perrelli lawsuit. View Notice here.

Councillor Perrelli claims the following:

a) three (3) million dollars in damages, jointly and severally, against

(i) the defendant, Mary-Anne Dempster, for misfeasance in public office, abuse of power, bad faith and defamation;

(ii) all other individual defendants for misfeasance in public office, abuse of power and bad faith; and

(iii) the City of Richmond Hill (the “City”) for vicarious liability for the actions of all of the individual defendants;

b) exemplary and punitive damages against all defendants, jointly and severally, in the amount of $750,000

His claim states:

"the individual defendants have acted maliciously, vindictively, in bad faith and for an improper purpose and/or beyond their authority to harm RC Perrelli’s reputation, to intimidate, harass and bully him, to cause him financial loss, to interfere with his ability to fully and properly represent the constituents of Richmond Hill as a duly elected representative and to cause RC Perrelli stress and anxiety."

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