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Application for MZO approved lands at Major Mackenzie and Leslie

This complete application is a request for approval of a Plan of Subdivision to facilitate a low density residential development comprised of 124 single detached dwelling units at 1577 to 1621 Major Mackenzie Dr. E.

What is a Plan of Subdivision?

A draft Plan of Subdivision is used to divide property into two or more parcels. Section 51 of the Planning Act outlines what is needed to prepare a draft Plan of Subdivision.

Some of the most important considerations when Richmond Hill reviews applications for approval of a draft Plan of Subdivision include:

  • Does the plan reflect Provincial Policy Statements and other Provincial Plans?

  • Does the plan reflect the policies of Richmond Hill Official Plan and Region of York Official Plan?

  • Is the proposed use suitable for the land and compatible with nearby land uses?

  • Will the development be accessible and provide for necessary municipal services?

View Notice of Complete Application here

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