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Attention! Attention! Richmond Hill has a new Residents Group and they need you!

Richmond Hill has five Residents/Ratepayers’ groups who have joined forces and created the Richmond Hill Umbrella Residents Group (RHURG).

They are now working together to share

ideas and strategies to work for residents’ interests regarding development projects, and to protect our neighbourhoods during the intensification process.

We have, over a number of years individually presented at the Committee of Adjustment, LPAT/OMB. Some of us have been successful in keeping development to within the zoning by-laws, others have tackled much larger development projects and feel they could use a combined effort to make their voices heard.

As more proposals for development in Richmond Hill are put forward that exceed the parameters of the Official Plan and KDA guidelines, it is more important than ever to have the resident voices heard and have strategies that we can work together on.

There are many issues to tackle in the near future and we need to have resident participation either through residents’ groups or individually:

  • The revision of the Official Plan and the Comprehensive zoning by-law

  • The Richmond Hill Centre Secondary Plan at Yonge and Langstaff

  • The Downtown Core Secondary Plan

  • The Yonge-Bernard KDA and Yonge-16th Secondary Plans which are at LPAT

All of these will affect Richmond Hill residents and we need our voices to be collectively heard.

If you have a residents’ group or are an individual who would like to join RHURG or for more information, please contact Pat Pollock by email at

Below are the five Residents Groups that joined RHURG so far:

  • BayMills RPA. Ward 2

  • Jefferson Community Association Ward 2

  • Yonge-Bernard Residents Association Ward 4

  • North Richvale Community Group Ward 5

  • Mayvern Area Residents Association (M.A.R.A.) Ward 5


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