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Be aware of Misdirection!

Misdirection—is the subtle, deceptive art of directing an audience’s attention towards one thing so it does not notice another.

Was Misdirection used by Councillor DiPaola at the Nov 20th council meeting?

While the public’s attention was focused on meeting start times, 9:30 am vs 7:30pm, Councillor DiPaola added an amendment to his motion at the beginning of the Council meeting to eliminate the Committee of the Whole (COW) meetings.

The evening before the Nov 20th meeting Councillor DiPaola responded to an email sent to the Clerk and Council regarding the meeting times he stated “This motion specifies a requirement to double the number of Council and Committee of the Whole meetings from 2 per month to 4. This motion is not to change the time of the meeting but to add more times and dates to accommodate as many people as possible.”

How is it that on Tuesday night the motion included 4 monthly meetings and on Wednesday morning that part of the motion was amended with eliminating the COW meetings?

Was this the intent all along? Did the public’s attention get misdirected so that this amended motion could pass quietly without much notice?

A follow up email was sent after the meeting asking Councillor DiPaola what made him change the motion overnight. A response has not yet been received.

The amendment to eliminate COW meetings was passed by the majority of Council (DiPaola, Perrelli, Beros, Liu, Muench).

Procedural bylaws does allow motion to amend it requires a majority vote to be passed. By submitting the amendment at the beginning of the meeting as it did in this case it limits Councillors and residents the ability to prepare a response to the amendment.

Has Misdirection been used before and will it be used again? Be aware!

Ask yourself is there an ulterior motive behind every motion or advertisement or video clip or survey or newsletter or zoning change or land conversion or majority on the Library Board etc.?

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