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Beware of Misinformation about the Voters List for the Mayoral By-election!

There seems to be a sudden organized effort to spread misinformation about the Voters List for the upcoming Mayoral by-election in Richmond Hill.

Posts have suddenly popped up all over social media and residents reported receiving emails and texts over the last couple of days claiming that anyone can enter fake information into the Voters List and receive the Voters Information Package.

The timing seems suspect given that the online polls open tomorrow January 18th. Is this an attempt to set the stage to call the by-election fraudulent if it doesn't provide the desired outcome?

FACT: Just because you can enter information into the Voters List doesn't mean that you will automatically receive a Voters Package!

CAG reached out to the City Clerk regarding the process that is followed when someone enters information into the Voters List. Below is his response.

FACT: All applications to amend the Voters’ List made using the online application form are reviewed by an Election Team member before being approved.

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