Warning! Read this before ordering Perrelli's Richmond Hill face masks

Councillor Perrelli's website for ordering face masks is not secure.

When you click on the link it takes you to a page with the unusual and unsecure web address of RHdat.hol.es

Why is this a concern?

The country domain (.es) is for Spain.

Spain? Why not Canada (.ca or .com)?

As you can see in the image above is says that the page is not secure. It uses http not https which offers a level of encryption (read: protection) for the data exchange.

Why is an elected official collecting residents data on an unsecure web page?

Where is your personal data going and what is being done with it?

Nowhere on the web page does it say how the your data will be handled and your privacy protected. Your data could very well be stored on a server outside of the country and could be sold to others.

The web link goes to an IP address of which is owned by Hostinger International Inc. based in Cyprus.

The location of the IP address is North Carolina

Scamalytics Ltd. operate a fraud-detection network and state that the IP address is a very high fraud risk and states that if you see web traffic from this IP address there is potentially a very high risk that it is criminals engaged in fraudulent activity.

Why is a Richmond Hill Councillor collecting residents information via an IP address that is considered very high risk and could be fraudulent?

Albeit that Councillor Perrelli is a Richmond Hill Regional Councillor/Deputy Mayor his website is separate from the City of Richmond Hill website so it is not covered under the RH Privacy Statement although as an elected official he should adhere to the same rules.

It is recommended that if you want the free RH face masks that you email the request to Councillor Perrelli via his City email instead of submitting via his web page.

Make sure to mention in your email if you do not want him to retain your personal information.

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