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CAG General Meeting Summary

Thank you to everyone for joining us at the monthly CAG General Meeting

Jane Wedlock's thought provoking presentation, the CAG deck including the council updates and the CAG Close-up can be accessed by

clicking on the image below.


Wednesday January 27th at 7pm

This month's feature presentation is:

“The Growing Housing Affordability Crisis in York Region" presented by Jane Wedlock. Jane is a 30 year resident of York Region (29 years in Richmond Hill). She has worked in the public sector and extensively in the non-profit sector in York Region on issues related to homelessness/risk of homelessness, food insecurity, youth at risk. She recently retired from United Way Greater Toronto. Jane has always been interested in how residents understand issues facing communities, who tells the story of what is actually happening and how we can work together to make change.

Her talk will provide some historical context, look at key challenges, highlight efforts being made to find solutions, all from a Richmond Hill perspective.

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