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CAG Newsletter-April 29th Meeting Summary

Thank you for continuing to pay attention to our municipal council, despite all of the issues we are facing with this pandemic.

Last Wednesday the Council Accountability Group meeting, via Zoom, went well, despite the bad ending. It was the first time doing this electronic version of meeting and though we were  novices, (both hosts and participants) it was felt that good content was delivered, with a good Q&A. There was a review of the two April council meetings.  These were both electronic and not in the council chambers.

April 8th Council Meeting •Zoning by-law amendment requests •2019 Council remuneration and expenses •staff report on short term rental accommodations. •This was deferred until the conclusion of the legal proceedings arising from the appeal to the LPAT of Toronto’s By-laws related to Short Term Rentals. April 22nd Council Meeting •Member Motion – Councillor West – Reschedule an LPAT hearing on the Yonge/Bernard KDA to permit live and in person public participation •This item was moved into closed session due to solicitor client privilege •The outcome was that Clerk said "there is nothing to report out or consider on this motion in open session“ •This is expected to come back at the May 13th Council meeting Here's what it looks like.

The Yonge Bernard KDA (Key Development Area) is a hot topic. The heights and densities of the development is much more than anticipated.

The inability to have good public consultations or protests because of the Covid-19 physical distancing bans, has not stopped council to move ahead on instructing staff how to proceed at an upcoming Land Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). Please see

the Liberal article for details.

Also presented at the meeting was a good visual summation of the election campaign donations from the developer involved with the Yonge Bernard KDA.

Below is a good visual of where your tax dollars are being spent.  The councillors' communications budget includes glossy flyers and a number of "please contact me" YouTube videos. Click on the image to view larger version.

CAG would really to you to pay attention, and get involved when the time comes, in the Official Plan (OP) Update. The first public consultation was to have happened March 26, 2020.  

Why should you pay attention to this OP update?

•It is an opportunity for you to create the type of place you’d like to live in •Be informed what is happening around you •Be able to effectively challenge City council and staff’s decisions •Be able to elect better candidates by really knowing the issues

The Official Plan is guided by the province and the region, and it in turn, guides other Strategic Plans and ensuing bylaws. These are lengthy, well researched, well written documents and are worthy of your reading.  (The ones without links are not yet available)

4. Affordable Housing Strategy

5. Community Energy and Emissions Plan

8. Urban Master Environmental Services Plan

To note: - the cost of this OP Update is $450K, with the funds allocated from development fees - the  current Richmond Hill Official Plan is still in effect - the Chair of the Official Plan Update is Dave Barrow and the Vice -Chair is David West

Also please consider asking to receive notifications of the Official Plan Update directly from the City.  Just email

We are looking forward to seeing many informed citizens at the launch of the Official Plan Update - whenever it is!!

Looking Ahead 

Richmond Hill Council Meetings - here's the link to the calendar of Council Meetings May 13th, 9:30 am  May 20th, 7:30 pm - 3 development applications  May 27th 9:30 am There are opportunities to do an electronic delegation.  Please click here for more information on presenting to Council electronically.

If you would like advice or encouragement  on how to present please email us. Region of York Meetings - click here for the link  May 14th, 9:00 am Committee of the Whole May 28th, 9:00 am Council Meeting Council Accountability Group meeting  May 27th, 7 pm. Please put this in your calendar but we'll send a reminder with details. We would also would like you to have on hand the emails of our councillors.  They should be hearing from us.











And consider reaching out to the Liberal reporter for Richmond Hill – Sheila Wang

Please stay in touch. Please spread the word (not the virus!) Marj Andre, Carol Davidson, Marian Nalley C0-Founders, Council Accountability Group

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