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Call to Action! Online voting for the October election Yes or No? Answer the Survey!

Richmond Hill Councillor Godwin Chan is bringing forward a Member Motion at the February 9, 2022 Council meeting regarding Online Voting for the October 2022 Election

Do you support online voting for the Municipal election in October 2022?

Yes or No?

Click the survey image to answer the one question survey.

Also consider sending an email to our council members with your opinions about online voting. Find their contact info here

Richmond Hill needs Online Voting and here is why!

  • 93% of voters who casted their ballots in the Mayoral By-election chose to vote online between January 18 and January 24, 2022;

  • the overall turnout rate at 32% in the Mayoral By-election in January 2022 exceeds that of the 2018 municipal election at 26%;

  • it is desirable to have a higher turnout rate among voters for the 2022 municipal election to be held in October 2022;

  • online voting has been demonstrated as the preferred choice of voters in Richmond Hill and helped to result in an increase of turnout rate as it provides a fast, convenient and secure way for voters to cast their ballots at any time without travelling to voting centres;

  • the City elections team has shown to be capable of conducting online voting competently and effectively in the School Board Trustee By-election in October 2020 and the Mayoral By-election in January 2022;

  • it is deemed advisable to demonstrate Council’s commitment to promote a higher turnout rate among voters at municipal elections in support of higher levels of voters’ participation in the democratic process;


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