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April 28th Richmond Hill Council Meeting

Council Meeting Wednesday April 28th at 9:30am

Interesting Items on the agenda include:

Developer Fifth Avenue Homes (King West) Inc. is requesting to add “Chiara Rose” and “Davide Nicola” to the Council Approved Street Name List so that they can name new Oak Ridge's streets after grandchildren.

  • The staff report has recommended that Council not approve because based on the requirements of the City’s Municipal Street Naming and Addressing Guide the proposed street names do not meet the requirements for adding street names to the Council Approved Street Name List.

  • At the last council meeting Councillors Beros, Perrelli, Lui and Muench voted in favour of the names however the motion failed and the motion was referred to this meeting requesting that staff have further discussions with the developer.

  • Staff's recommendations have not changed after those discussions.

City staff did a quick turnaround on drafting a new Member of Council Community Events Policy that came forward as a Member Motion by Acting Mayor DiPaola at the last council meeting.

  • Staff was asked to provide a policy for the July Council meeting but are presenting it on April 28th.

  • At the April 14th meeting only Councillors Perrelli and Beros voted against a policy for Community Events

  • If passed this much needed policy will establish:

    • rules for event sponsorship (fundraising), expenses and surpluses

    • that Members are required to ensure that sponsors selected will not create a conflict of interest for either the Member or the City

    • the policy sets out limits for sponsorship, and permits sponsorship from any one source up to $5,000 in a calendar year. It also sets an annual fundraising limit of $25,000.

    • establishes rules for the types of expenditures that are permitted for Council-led Events. Only expenses that are directly related to the event are permitted.

    • policy requires the Treasurer to prepare and publish a report on Members Council-led Events.

    • this report will be published quarterly to the City’s website.

Ombudsman Report – Investigation into meetings held on April 16, 2019; May 14, 2019; April 1, 2020; April 22, 2020; and May 14, 2020

  • Excerpt of the Summary of Ombudsman’s Report:

    • Council was permitted to discuss the Yonge/Bernard KDA LPAT appeals in closed session

    • The City did not comply with the open meeting rules during the electronic meetings held April 1, April 22, and May 14, 2020, when all or part of the open session parts of the meetings were not livestreamed to the public.

See below if you want to make or submit any comments regarding the agenda items.

Public Comments: The public may submit written correspondence regarding agenda matters by email to Written correspondence must be submitted by 12 p.m. Tuesday April 27th.

Electronic Delegations: The public may apply to appear as an electronic delegation by video conference or by telephone. Applications to appear as an electronic delegation must be submitted by 12 p.m. Tuesday April 27th by email to or by using the on-line form. The Office of the Clerk will provide instructions on appearing as an electronic delegation.

Public Forum: Any person who wishes to speak to Council on a matter not on the agenda must pre-register with the Office of the Clerk by 12 p.m. Tuesday April 27th by email to or by using the on-line form. Public Forum will be by video conference via the internet or telephone only. A maximum of five persons will be allowed to register for the Public Forum on a first come first serve basis.

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