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Coming up at the next Richmond Hill Council Meeting - March 23rd

Richmond Hill Council Meeting Wednesday March 23, 2022 at 1pm

View Revised Agenda here and watch Livestream here

You can also attend in-person at Council Chambers 225 East Beaver Creek Road

Interesting Agenda Items include:

Region of York’s Draft Official Plan

  • That City Council endorse the comments on the Region of York’s Draft Official Plan set out in SRPI.22.036, and in doing so, Council requests that prior to adoption, the Region:

  • View staff report here

2021 Council and Committees Remuneration and Expenses

According to the City Treasurer regarding the Event Expenses:

  • The deficits can be carried forward, and need to be paid/funded by nomination day which is August 19, 2022

  • The Council Events Policy allows for any surplus to carried forward throughout Council term.

  • In the year of Election (ie. 2022) a surplus must be used up for an event by nomination day or otherwise donated to a Community group or charity (as identified by the respective Councillor by May of the Election year)

  • Because 2022 is an election year they are allowed host one one-day event and it must be done prior to nomination day which is August 19, 2022

Member Motion - Councillor Muench - Expanding Walkable Trails and Supporting Agriculture in the Greenbelt

  • Request expansion of the City’s urban boundary to include lands designated ORM Countryside south of Bethesda Road

  • Expansion of walkable and integrated trails, where feasible within the lands in the Gormley Go Station area. This would include amending where appropriate Oak Ridges Moraine (ORM) designations

  • Requests York Region during its 30 year MCR plan provide for parks, transit and growth needs of the Gormley Go Station area and where possible enhance Natural Linkage and Natural Core of the environment; and

  • Requests, the Province of Ontario to assist wherever possible to link designations and consider collaborative approaches including creating a provincial park and all assistance to create a linear park system within the Oak Ridges Moraine and Greenbelt

  • View member motion here

  • A similar motion was brought forward by Muench in April 2021 - Read more here

Member Motion - Councillor Muench - Real Estate Open House Signs

Request for Direction - Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications - Yonge Sixteen LP - 9251 Yonge Street

Request for Direction - Site Plan Application - Urbacon Properties Limited - 10 Sofia Court

  • Staff are seeking Council’s direction with respect to Site Plan application to facilitate the construction of a two storey data centre and warehouse that has been appealed to the OLT. A settlement has been reached with the applicant and City Staff with respect to the subject Site Plan application wherein all City comments and requirements have now been satisfactorily addressed.

  • View staff report here

City facilities are open to the public to attend Council and Committee meetings beginning on March 22, 2022. The public can observe meetings of Council and Committees by attending in-person or by viewing the livestream of the open session part of these meetings which can be accessed on the City’s website ( or on the City’s YouTube page (linked from the City’s homepage).

Public Comments: The public may submit written correspondence regarding agenda items by email to Written correspondence must be submitted by 12 p.m. (noon) on the day before the meeting. Comments submitted will be provided to all Members of Council, are considered as public information and will be included on the public agenda posted to the City’s website.

Delegations: Any person who wishes to speak to Council on agenda items must pre-register with the Office of the Clerk by 12 p.m. (noon) the day before the meeting. Applications to appear as a delegation can be submitted by email to or by using the on-line application form found on Delegations can be in given in-person, or electronically by video conference or telephone. The Office of the Clerk will provide instructions on appearing as a delegation.

Public Forum: Any person who wishes to speak to Council on a matter not on the agenda must pre-register with the Office of the Clerk by 12 p.m. (noon) the day before the meeting. Persons wanting to address Council during the Public Forum portion of the meeting must register by sending an email to or by using the on-line form found on Public Forum participation can be in-person, or electronically by video conference or telephone. A maximum of five persons will be allowed to register for the Public Forum on a first come first serve basis.

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