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Councillor discovers the importance of biodiversity?

It's unfortunate that Richmond Hill Local and Regional Councillor Carmine Perrelli does not seem to be aware of all of the good work that Richmond Hill has done over the years by planting almost 2000 milkweed plants on public land and promoted plantings on private property. In fact through the Healthy Yards Program, each spring, residents can purchase a variety of native trees, shrubs, perennial flowers which includes the Monarch butterfly friendly milkweed as well as other native nectar plants. 

Listen to Councillor Perrelli explain about the benefits of pollinating insects. It seems that he just learned about pollinating insects and is not aware of Richmond Hill's Healthy Yards Program as he felt it necessary to add the amendment below to Councillor West's member motion about Flight of the Monarch Day.

One would think that Councillor Perrelli may benefit from attending some of the public programs that RH hosts aimed at educating people about Monarch butterflies and other pollinating species.


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