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Find out what Developments Applications are pending in your neighbourhood.

Did you know that the City of Richmond Hill posts Current Development Applications and Status Maps on the Planning and Development page on its website?

Read on and find the links below!

Search Tips:

  • Zoom in on the Status Map and look up the red File # then find the corresponding File # on the report

  • You can also go directly to the report and "Ctrl F" and put in your search i.e Street name, Owner, File # etc.

The reports are broken into 3 areas. Click on the links below to view the maps and reports. (Note these are large files so best viewed on a laptop)

Site Plan

Site Plan control protects property rights and values. It also protects environmental and heritage features of a site and its surrounding areas. The Site Plan approval process ensures that planned structures and the overall development of lands contribute to the development of the community in a positive way. More Info here


Plan of Subdivision

A draft Plan of Subdivision is used to divide property into two or more parcels.

Plan of Condominium

A draft Plan of Condominium is used to divide property to allow an individual to own part of a building (or unit) and a share of the property's common areas. This Plan can apply to new and existing residential, commercial and industrial buildings. More Info here


Official Plan

If a person wants to develop a property differently than Richmond Hill's Official Plan or a related Secondary Plan, an Official Plan Amendment application must be submitted.

Zoning By-law

Richmond Hill's Zoning By-laws are required to conform with the Richmond Hill Official Plan. These by-laws contain detailed requirements for how land can be used and what can be built on land. More Info here

If you want additional information about a development application contact the assigned planner or click here send an email to the Planning Department.


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