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Further to Deloitte’s review of RH’s Non-Personnel Operating Budget

Below are the top 12 Opportunities. These account for the majority ($1.0m – 2.0m) of the total cost potential identified. The opportunities 3, 9 and 12 maybe of particular interest.

  1. Opportunity 1 – Better match the quantity of salt purchased with City demand

  2. Opportunity 2 -Match fire dispatching service fees to the cost of providing the service

  3. Opportunity 3 – Assess the use of City properties

  4. Opportunity 4 – Implement energy saving projects

  5. Opportunity 5 -Implement monitoring and analysis on water consumption

  6. Opportunity 6 -Identify and consolidate/remove redundant hardware and software

  7. Opportunity 7 -Reduce document printing

  8. Opportunity 8 – Implement a corporate policy for cell and desk phones

  9. Opportunity 9 -Move discretionary advertising/notices posted in newspapers to digital channels (coming forward to Nov 26 Budget COW)

  10. Opportunity 10 -Move the City on to the Region of York data communications contract

  11. Opportunity 11 -Better match cost recovery for complex planning applications to the cost of providing the service

  12. Opportunity 12 -Perform an analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of events and projects

Below is the link to the report which is coming forward at the Nov 26th Budget COW. Full descriptions of the 12 opportunities above along with their potential impacts begin on page 19.

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