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Have your Say! A Place to Grow Consultation

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing is looking for your input on proposed changes to the A Place to Grow Plan.

According to a Globe and Mail article dated June 16th the Ontario government wants municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond to start designating enough land to accommodate all new development expected until 2051, a move welcomed by the building industry but that critics charge locks in decades of renewed suburban sprawl.

“I think it is urgent. We are laying the groundwork now so that municipalities and our other partners in different sectors are prepared for that economic recovery post-COVID-19,” Minister Clark said.

The latest proposal to allow for more quarries in “natural heritage areas”.

“You are just setting free the dogs of sprawl, based on population projections that are pure fiction,” Mr. Gray said. “It’s a big gift to land speculators who have bought up farms in the whitebelt, because once you get [the land] redesignated, its value goes up [by] orders of magnitude.”

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