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Have Your Say! Housing affordability

Complete the survey and share your thoughts with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing about how we can increase Ontario’s housing supply.

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Survey Closes January 13, 2022

Below are the questions asked:

Section 1: Housing affordability We know that most Ontarians believe that housing is unaffordable. Across the province, house prices are growing faster than incomes.

1. What should the Ontario government do to make home ownership and rental more affordable and address rising home prices?

2. How can we make better use of existing homes, buildings and neighbourhoods to increase the supply of all kinds of rental and ownership housing?

Section 2: Improving and streamlining development approvals We have heard that the municipal housing development process takes too long, which can delay building housing supply. We’ve already made changes to improve efficiency through More Homes, More Choice: Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan and recent changes to the Planning Act, including:

  • reducing planning decision timelines

  • providing additional authority for municipal councils to expedite approvals by delegating certain decisions to a committee or staff

  • streamlining the process for land division through consents

3. What more can we do to streamline the housing development process to enable more homes to be built faster and increase housing supply?

Section 3: Providing more certainty and transparency A clear and transparent planning and development process can help developers better understand costs and timelines at the beginning of the process, leading to more predictable outcomes for homebuilders and homebuyers. We’ve already made changes to improve certainty and transparency in the development process by:

  • introducing a new community benefits charge

  • setting development charge rates earlier in the development process

  • limiting appeals of certain planning matters

4. What more can we do to help increase certainty and transparency?

5. How can we help make development-related costs more predictable and transparent to encourage more housing development and improve affordability?

Section 4: Innovative approaches We want to hear about best practices, including examples from other jurisdictions and innovative partnership models. We want to explore ways to improve in the topic areas listed above and any other areas of the planning and development process. Continuing to address this crisis requires new ways of thinking and everyone coming together to do what it takes.

6. How can the government support innovative ways to increase housing supply?

7. What haven’t we thought of? What’s working well in other jurisdictions that we should consider?

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Survey Closes January 13, 2022

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