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Hiding behind a Mask?

Councillor giving away Oak Ridges face masks

According to his Facebook page and website, Councillor Greg Beros is giving away masks with an Oak Ridges logo under the guise of "Let's stick together".

Some things to keep in mind.

In order to get a mask you have to supply your personal information on his website which allows the Councillor to create a database for future self-serving purposes.

Our hard-earned tax dollars are likely paying for these masks.

Beros may be the local Councillor but he has not lived in that in the "tight knit community" of Oak Ridges for 2 years. Prior to the 2018 election, he and the family left Oak Ridges and bought a house in the London area. At the same time the Councillor purchased a condo in the old part of Richmond Hill where he stays on a part time basis. (reference

Are these "Let's stick together" masks about Oak Ridges or is this about image branding ahead of Beros's next election campaign?

Councillors Beros and Perrelli are also frequently sporting the OR t-shirts on council zoom meetings and other photo ops.


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