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How Did They Vote on Key Motions?

Four of candidates running in the Richmond Hill Mayoral by-election are current Members of Council. The chart below shows how Godwin Chan, Joe DiPaola, Carmine Perrelli and David West voted on key motions during the current term of council.

Before you vote know how each candidate voted on key motions. They are your voice on Council!

Do their decisions align with your views and values as a Richmond Hill resident and voter?

Note that the chart below only shows how the 4 candidates voted however the Results column reflects the entire council's vote on that motion.


Larry Salceda
Larry Salceda

Mr Perelli voted against permanently removing green/blue bin exchange fee per your chart. Am I reading that correctly? If so, why does his campaign slogan indicate that he “eliminated green/blue bin exchange fee”? Can someone clarify? Thanks.

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