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How much did Richmond Hill Councillors spend Jan 1st to Sept 30th?

Below are Members' of Council year-to-date expenditure details.

Some Highlights

  • Carmine Perrelli has the highest expenditure to date at $49,391 with Joe DiPaola a close second at $46,872

  • Perrelli also has $16,093 in Unallocated Expenses (expenses submitted without receipts). This includes the $6,000 in lawyer fees submitted in Q2.

  • DiPaola and Perrelli have spent a total of $77,092 so far in "Communications" which includes social media ads, videos, robocalls, newsletter printing and postage

  • Council Members as a whole spent a total of $111,040 so far on communications, advertising, website and social media

  • David West has spent the highest to date for the Ward Councillors spending $11,198. Most of that was spent on communications and websites and social media

  • Tom Muench hosted 125 business and resident meetings costing $2,874 but he did have the lowest total expenditure to date at $3,693

  • Expenditures do not yet include office support which will be added at year end

View all Council Member Q3 Expense Reports here

Breakdown of Expenses

Total Constituency Budget

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