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In York Region vacant employment land supply remains healthy but needs to be protected!

At the next RH Council meeting (Nov 20) Councillor Muench is putting forward a motion to convert large swaths of employment lands in Richmond Hill to mixed-use housing.

Read full motion here:

If you do not agree with converting our employment lands then write an email to the Clerk and Council by end of day Tuesday Nov. 19th.

Below is a York Region 2017 Vacant Employment Land Inventory report approved by York Region Council on March 29, 2018.

  1. Key comments from the report:

  2. Vacant employment land supply remains healthy but needs to be protected

  3. Provincial direction emphasizes the protection of employment lands

  4. Maintaining a robust and diverse supply of vacant employment lands supports the economic vitality of the Region.

Land Inventory report

Below is also an article about mixed-use developments making housing affordability worse contrary to Councillor Muench’s motion stating that we need to convert employment lands to build affordable housing.

Mixed-use developments make housing affordability worse — and residents more miserable

High population density and mixed-land use are considered quintessential tenets of good urban planning, but they have negative consequences

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