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Is the Deputy Mayor speaking for you the Richmond Hill residents?

Perrelli has gone to mainstream media with his anti-lockdown motion

Richmond Hill Regional Councillor/Deputy Mayor Carmine Perrelli went to mainstream media to garner support for his anti-lockdown motion. He plans to bring this motion forward at the York Regional Council meeting on January 14th.

Perrelli has repeatedly brought versions of the same motion to York Regional Council and each time it was debated and defeated.

Does he speak for you?

If not write York Region Council Members by noon on January 13th telling them that he does not speak for you and ask them to continue to adhere to the provincial restrictions.

Perrelli openly rejects the science of Covid-19 and the advice of provincial and regional health experts. He questions hospital officials saying “we are not at any tipping point.” He advocates for giving Premier Ford an ultimatum to remove York Region from lockdown “or we will defy you and we will fight you in court.” He has said that his colleagues on regional council "only want to cover their asses". Read more here.

Does he speak for you?

To be fair Perrelli is not alone in his anti-lockdown rhetoric. He did two interviews with a Canadian far-right political media website that garnered lots of support. His Facebook post also has lots of supporters however anyone who did not agree with his views got their posts deleted like this heartfelt one from Liza Zee.

However these supporters are not an elected official who is paid to represent the best interests of all Richmond Hill residents.

He also has Facebook/Instagram ads running across Ontario with his anti-lockdown motion paid for by your tax dollars.

Does he really expect that the province will take only York Region out of lockdown or is this just another ploy to keep his name in the news?

Does he speak for you?

A quote from an Open Letter to MPP Randy Hillier can apply to Councillor Perrelli as well.

It stated "you are paid to represent all your constituents, including those who are vulnerable due to age, occupation, underlying conditions, or other factors.
Instead of spending time fighting against public health measures to contain COVID- 19, you could put your energy into something useful such as economic, social, and mental health supports to help the local population get through this difficult time."


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