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Is there a move to oust Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow while he's on medical leave?

Three months after approving Mayor Barrow's extended medical leave for an undetermined amount of time, Council is now demanding to know his return or retirement date.

At the February 24, 2021 Council Meeting Mayor Barrow informed council that he needed to take an extended medical leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time.

Council unanimously approved that Mayor Barrow's seat would not become vacant if he is absent from meetings for more than three months. Feb 24th Meeting Minutes Item 15.1

Councillor Perrelli went as far as to say:

“your chair will stay vacant forever until you decide sir that you're ready to come back that's my commitment to you”

Also with Council's unanimous approval, Mayor Barrow appointed Deputy Mayor Joe DiPaola as Acting Mayor for the entire duration of his absence.

Exactly three months later, at the May 26th Council meeting, Councillor Muench added the statement below to the Acting Mayor compensation motion. Council also approved this unanimously. May 26th Meeting Minutes Item 13.3

Councillor Perrelli must have forgotten about his commitment to Mayor Barrow made 3 months earlier as at the May 26th meeting he stated:

“We granted an exemption to the municipal act. The municipal act clearly states that if a member of council misses three consecutive months of meeting the seat be vacated unless they have permission from council we did not give an extended medical leave what we did was we granted an exemption from that rule”

Councillor Muench has requested a Closed Meeting at the Wednesday June 9th Council Meeting about an "identifiable individual". We can only assume that this has to do with Mayor Barrow.

Will residents find out what decisions are made at the Closed Meeting?


Carmen James
Carmen James
Jun 08, 2021

There should not be a closed meeting if it pertains to Mayor Barrow the residents need to know the outcome. The residents did put Mayor Barrow in that position, bear in mind he is not away on a vacation it's health reasons we are talking about where is the compassion??


Mr. Perilli, are you having trouble remembering your commitment to Mayor David Barrow??


Nothing the two "deputy mayors" and their trusty "substitute" might do would astonish me. The next election can't come soon enough.

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