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Let's not forget about the 54 Storey Skyscraper proposed for Yonge/Garden!

Metroview Developments has it's first LPAT Case Management Conference on Friday October 16th regarding the proposed 54 storey high-rise at 8700/8710 Yonge Street the Emerald Isle Motel site.

The tower is expected to comprise 710 units and 520-sq.-m. commercial/retail space, with 572 parking spaces.

Richmond Hill residents did not have a chance to participate in a public discussion on this development proposal as planning protocol was changed in response to COVID-19.

LPAT has final say on proposal for city’s tallest skyscraper.

Richmond Hill Council not accepting public comments on this massive development is a great disservice to all Richmond Hill residents. If approved this will be the City's tallest building and it will alter the Richmond Hill landscape forever.

The Cancelled Meeting Notice stated that a new date to receive comments on the proposed application has not been scheduled yet the LPAT hearing is proceeding October 16th.

Given the fact that as of May 20, 2020 Council Public Meetings resumed surely there would have been time for Council and Staff to receive comments from Richmond Hill residents before the LPAT appeal commenced.

Take Action! Write Richmond Hill Council and demand a Council Public Meeting so that you can have your say about this development!

For more info read Liberal Reporter Sheila Wang's article dated May 27, 2020.


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