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Lois Hancey, A Stubborn Politician

And now for some inspiration! Watch this tribute to one of the very few elected women in Richmond Hill and the longest serving.

‘Lois Hancey, A Stubborn Politician’, a 12 minute video created by local filmmaker Sean Cisterna in 2014 highlighting Ms Hancey’s career.

Some words of wisdom below from Ms. Hancey for politicians and voters.

The challenge now, for all girls and women in Richmond Hill, is twofold. They should get involved in local politics even if they’re not sure how they can contribute.

And most importantly, Ms. Hancey stressed, voters male and female should do their homework on the candidates at each election and make sure they mark their ballots for those — male or female — who will best represent them.

Thank you to another formidable, beloved and now retired RH Local & Regional Councillor Brenda Hogg for sharing this memory.

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