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Minister's Zoning Order (MZO) Approved for Major Mac/Leslie/404 lands

The Province has approved the MZO for the Major Mackenzie/Leslie/404 lands owned by Rice Group and being developed by Treasure Hill Homes.

The development will include amongst other things a long-term care home as well as highrises at a max of 40 storeys and townhouses, over 4200 residential units.

This land had a number of development plans over the years everything from big box retail in 2012 and then attempts were made in 2019 to have it converted from employment lands to mixed use residential to no avail. But now thanks to the pandemic, the hook of a long term care home and a MZO approvals have been received.

Regional Councillor Carmine Perrelli has been pushing the redevelopment of this area at both the municipal and regional council. Follow the Money! Below you will find the election campaign donations made by Rice Group and Treasure Hill Homes.


According to the Agenda for the Wednesday October 28th Richmond Hill Council Meeting, Councillor Carmine Perrelli is once again requesting that Council approve a Minister's Zoning Order (MZO) this time under the guise of a "Economic Development Opportunity" for the 1577- 1621 Major Mackenzie Drive East lands.

Councillor Perrelli attempted to get the 1577- 1621 Major Mackenzie lands converted from employment use to mixed use in 2019. Looks like the conversion may be successful this time and now he is pushing for a MZO.

Councillor Perrelli's justification for requesting a MZO includes:

  • new Long-Term Care facilities are needed in the Region of York and the City of Richmond Hill

  • as a result of the global pandemic, the economy of the City of Richmond Hill and the Region of York has suffered

  • the Province of Ontario has encouraged municipalities to plan for the economic recovery including getting projects shovel ready

At the October 15, 2020 York Region Committee of the Whole meeting Council received a report from SGL Planning & Design on behalf of Rice Group requesting a mixed use designation, which includes Major Commercial, Major Office, Population-related employment, Community facilities and Residential uses. The concept plan dated October 7 is shown above along with other iterations of the plan over the years. Councillor Perrelli indicates in his current motion that Treasure Hill, on behalf of Rice Commercial Group Ltd., has submitted a new concept plan dated October 17, 2020 which has not been shared with the public.

Call to Action! If you do not agree with MZO request then please submit an email to council by noon October 28th. You can also consider being a delegate. Email if you require assistance.

Background Information:

September 2019. Richmond Hill Council. Councillor Perrelli tried to get the 1577- 1621 Major Mackenzie lands converted from employment use to mixed use in 2019. Although the majority of Richmond Hill Council supported the conversion York Region Staff did not recommend for conversion due to the proximity to the 404 and those lands are considered employment lands in the York Region Official Plan.

Fast forward to October 2020. York Regional Council. The 1577- 1621 Major Mackenzie lands were bundled in with a larger York Region employment lands conversion request going to the province and initially those lands were in the "do not approve" pile but then York Region Council voted against Regional Staff's recommendation and approved the lands for conversion.


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