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More Development Applications for Richmond Hill

The City of Richmond Hill received the complete applications below.

The first application is for a 12 storey building with 277 units and 57 townhouses at 11300 Yonge Street. This is the plaza where the Salvation Army store is currently located north of Brookside Rd.

This 1/2 mile section of Yonge between Brookside and Devonsleigh now has 4 development applications pending including the recent application for three towers 15, 18 and 35 storeys in height with 731 residential units at 11160 Yonge. This area is not part of the Yonge/Bernard Key Development Area Secondary Plan (KDA).

The second application is for Fern Avenue in the 16th and Duncan Rd. area. The request is to permit a residential infill development of 10 detached homes and a new public road.

If you wish to make any comments regarding these applications then send an email to the Clerk a


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