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Motion to rescind Mayor Barrow's medical leave fails on a tie vote

Watch this brief video compilation from the June 23rd Council meeting to hear Richmond Hill Council's discussion regarding Councillor Muench's motion to rescind Mayor Dave Barrow's leave.

The motion failed on a tie vote.

In favour of rescinding the leave:

Carmine Perrelli, Greg Beros, Tom Muench and Castro Liu

Against rescinding the leave:

Joe DiPaola, Godwin Chan, Karen Cilevitz and David West

At the June 9th meeting at Mayor Barrow provided a response email via the Clerk in regards to Muench's motion from May 26th asking the Mayor to either retire or provide a return date from his medical leave.

Mayor Barrow responded "The medical treatments I’ve been receiving have been going well and at this time I’m hopeful that I will be able to return to work at the end of the summer".

View complete June 23rd meeting video here.

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