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Petition! Limit the height of high-rise buildings in Richmond Hill!

Please click on the below and sign and share the petition to let Richmond Hill Council know how you feel about all of these skyscrapers that if built will change the landscape of our Richmond Hill community forever.

A developer is proposing a 43- and a 38-story building on the SE corner of Yonge & replace the current brown, 1-story plaza and 4-story building on the site. The City's official plan calls for a maximum height at that site of 20 stories...but 43 stories is more than double that.

The City's plan also calls for 20-story buildings in the SW (where Country Style Donuts used to be), NW (where Swiss Chalet is) and NE (where Lone Star used to be in the No Frills plaza).

If the 43-story building on the SE corner is approved, we can expect the same on the other corners. There is also a 54-story building proposed for Yonge/Garden and a 37-story building at Yonge/Bernard.

These proposals exceed the height guidelines of the City's own strategic plan and will negatively affect all of our quality of life.

Richmond Hill Council there is a better way achieve growth and density targets set by the Province! HIGHER DENSITY DOESN'T HAVE TO MEAN HIGH-RISE.

Density can evolve over time. Higher densities don’t have to mean overcrowding and congestion. Intensification can happen in a subtle, incremental way through buildings that “fit” into the existing community. Good design and appropriate zoning can introduce density that is not intrusive.

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