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Petition! Proposed skyscrapers at Yonge/16th - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!

Richmond Hill resident has started a petition and is looking for your support

Please join her in saying "enough is enough"! With this petition, we will let Council know that while we support development, we DO NOT SUPPORT having 45 & 43 storey skyscrapers at South Hill Plaza! Instead, we want them to stick with the Official Plan!

DO NOT SUPPORT having 45 & 43 storey skyscrapers at South Hill Plaza!

Please read, sign and share

Developers have proposed the following highrises for the Yonge/16th intersection in Richmond Hill:

  • South Hill (No Frills plaza): 45-storey, 42-storey, 5-storey; 821 units

  • SE corner (9251 Yonge): 43-storey, 38-storey: 962 units

  • SW corner: 32-storey, 30-storey, 20-storey; 821 units

  • Hillcrest Mall: 29-storey, 26-storey; 584 units

The latest proposal for South Hill Plaza (No Frills plaza) is similar to all the others:

  • Density that greatly exceeds RH's approved official plan: 8.78 FSI vs 2.5-3.0 FSI

  • Building height that greatly exceeds RH's official plan: 45 stories vs 20 stories

  • Minimal/no green space: something that COVID has proven to be invaluable for our physical and emotional well being; studies also show that spending a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day in nature improves health outcomes and delivers cost avoidance benefits to government

  • Does not support 3 of the city's 4 strategic priorities: balancing growth with green, getting around the city, strong sense of belonging; the only one it may possibly support is fiscal responsibility...only from the point of view that it will general tax revenue...but will that be enough to offset the infrastructure and quality of life costs?


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