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Proposed 38 & 43 Storey Towers in Richmond Hill not aligned with the York Regional Official Plan

This last minute addition to the agenda for the December 9th Council Meeting included reports from various City departments and York Regional staff.

The Director of Community Planning and Development Services for York Region provided a response back to City staff outlining concerns regarding the proposed towers citing site-specific intensification proposals being approved in advance of a completed Secondary Plan, especially given the remaining redevelopment potential for this area.

"Due to recent examples of significant density increases, the full build-out potential of this KDA is currently unknown. To assist in city building efforts, the full build-out population and job numbers are required to ensure adequate services are available, such as parks, community services, schools, roads, as well as water and wastewater capacity."

"In order to appropriately plan for intensification in KDA's, the Regional Official Plan requires Secondary Plans to also establish and implement a fine grid local street network and to plan to achieve a minimum of 35% of new housing to be affordable."

Take Action

If you have comments or want to be a delegation please submit to the Clerk by noon on Tuesday December 8th.


The applications to permit a mixed use high density residential purpose built rental development at 9251 Yonge Street (Yonge & 16th) is coming forward for approval at the Council Meeting on Wednesday, December 9th.

The development will have a 38 and a 43 storey tower with 962 residential units.

A number of comments were raised by members of the public and Council at the June 3rd Public Meeting, as well as through written submissions. These are addressed on Page 7 of the report.

Take Action

If you have comments or want to be a delegation please submit to the Clerk by noon on Tuesday December 8th.


A Public Meeting (virtual) is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3, 2020 at 7:30 PM to notify the public and receive comments on the applications that has been received by the City.

View the Notice here.

Applications include:

  • A revised development proposal has been received from Yonge Sixteen LP to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law for 9251 Yonge Street. The revised applications seek to permit a revised high density, mixed use residential/commercial development comprised of 38 and 43 storey towers.


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