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Public servants are expected to do the right thing! They represent us and our Community.

Time and time again Ward 2 Councillor Tom Muench has embarrassed Our Richmond Hill but this time has he gone too far?

He may not be charged with any crimes and he may be innocent as he claims but appearances speak volumes and a Richmond Hill Councillor in handcuffs reflects badly on the community and the constituents that he serves.

On June 16, 2022 he was arrested (and released no charges were laid) on the TTC subway.

Muench's side of the story "On Thursday, I went to watch a football game with a large group of friends. Like any responsible adult, we all took public transit down to BMO Field in Toronto to watch the game."

"While on the way back a member of my staff had a medical emergency and paramedics were on standby at York Mills Station when we arrived."

"Unfortunately someone on the train who heard that I am a city councillor made a completely disgusting and false allegation against me."

View his whole explanation here

Muench identifies himself as a Richmond Hill politician in these videos and according to bystanders he was giving out business cards during the incident. His sense of "do you know who I am" self-importance has gotten out of hand and he is an embarrassment to himself and our city.

Muench may not have committed a crime but this is not how a Public Servant represents his city and constituents. Being out with a female employee who ends up unconscious and in the hospital reflects badly on him and on the City of Richmond Hill.

But all this shouldn't surprise us. Muench has a history of bringing negative attention to himself and our Richmond Hill.

Here are a few examples:

August 20, 2020 - Richmond Hill Coun. Muench accused of ‘trespassing’ on resident’s property

And now these videos of him getting arrested on June 16, 2022.

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