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Questions re Councillor Perrelli’s Survey

Questions were posed to City Clerk Stephen Huycke regarding the recent full colour and two sided on 12″ X 24″ glossy paper survey sent by Councillor Perrelli.

What is the cost of this to taxpayersCost of printing, mailing, etc.?  Are there costs for employees doing this job?  Was this mandated by Council? 

The Clerk’s response:

“The survey you refer to was included as part of Deputy Mayor Perrelli’s recent newsletter.  Each Member of Council has a communication budget that they can use to communicate with residents, including by newsletters, digital communication, etc.  There is no City Policy that prohibits the Deputy Mayor from sending the newsletter.”

“If you would like specific financial details/records, it will be necessary to file a Freedom of Information request.”

Read this about issues related to the survey:

Link to the survey for reference purposes only:

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