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Radar Signs & New 4 Way Stop Signs in Ward 4?

This large radar sign mysteriously showed up on a resident's front yard on Driscoll Road recently. The resident has no idea who asked for it and why he wasn't notified of it's installation. Read full Aug. 9th CBC article about the radar sign here.

The radar sign appeared shortly after Regional Councillor Carmine Perrelli mailed out hundreds of letters to residents in the same area about requests he had allegedly received about the need for four way stop signs at Laverock Avenue and Lucas Street.

Included in the letter was a meeting invite for residents to meet Councillor Perrelli if they were in favour of a new four way stop. 

It is considered a common courtesy to include the local councillor when organizing meetings or addressing issues in their ward. Driscoll Road/ Laverock Avenue and Lucas Street are in Ward 4 which Councillor David West represents.


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