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Recap: Looks like Richmond Hill will be heading into a by-election for Mayor

As is becoming the norm at Richmond Hill council meetings there was disruption, chaos and other nastiness. Acting Mayor Joe DiPaola ended up kicking Councilllor Carmine Perrelli out of the meeting and had to call a recess because Perrelli was having the temper tantrum of a 10 year old and wouldn't let others speak.

Council ended up voting in favour of a by-election with an online voting option however the by-law for this decision still needs to be approved at the next Council meeting on October 13th so things can still change.

Voting in favour of a by-election: Perrelli, West, Beros, Chan and Liu

Voting against a by-election: DiPaola, Cilevitz and Muench

Councillor Godwin Chan was appointed as Alternate Regional Councillor until the mayor's vacancy is filled.

Thank you to the hundreds of residents who let their council members know what their option was to fill the Mayor's seat. Your Voices Mattered!


Will one side dangle a Regional Councillor carrot to persuade a council member to switch sides and support an appointment for Mayor or will it be a by-election?

Special Council Meeting Wednesday September 29 at 9:30am View Agenda Here and Livestream Here

The discussion continues by Council on options to fill the seat left vacant when Mayor Barrow retired. The discussion will also now include direction on the appointment of an Alternate Regional Councillor during the vacancy in the Office of Mayor.

Under Section 263(5) of the Municipal Act, 2001, within 60 days of having declared the Office

of the Mayor vacant, or by November 21, 2021, Council is required to:

  • appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy under; or

  • pass a by-law requiring a By-election be held to fill the vacancy.

The agenda includes two reports:

To summarize Council’s options to fill the vacancy in the Office of Mayor and to seek direction on the appointment of an Alternate Regional Councillor during the vacancy in the Office of Mayor.

  • Options include:

    • Option 1 – By-election

    • Option 2 – Appoint a current Member of Council to fill the Vacancy

    • Option 3 – Appoint a qualified individual to fill the vacancy

    • Option 4 – Defer Decision on Filling the Vacancy

Regional Representation during Vacancy

  • Council can choose to appoint a current Ward Councillor as an alternate Member of Regional Council until such time as the vacancy in the Office of the Mayor is permanently filled.

At the September 22, 2021 meeting of Council, staff were directed to bring forward

options and costs for consulting the public regarding options for filling the vacancy in the

Office of the Mayor

  • Options include:

    • Option 1 – Online Survey: No additional cost

    • Option 2 – Live-call Telephone Survey: $8,000-$10,000

    • Option 3 – Automated Telephone Survey: $2,000

Note many residents have already responded directly to Council via email and surveys and overwhelmingly support a by-election.

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