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Recap: Richmond Hill Official Plan Update Workshops

City Staff recently hosted Official Plan Update workshops inviting residents to share suggestions about the vision, character and function of six key areas in Richmond Hill.

City's Official Plan Update Webpage

Below are the six areas discussed and the Staff presentations

•Bathurst Street & Highway 7 Area

Workshop Presentation Bathurst/Hwy 7

•Yonge Street & 16th Avenue Area

Workshop Presentation Yonge/16th

•Village & Richmond Hill GO Station Area

Workshop Presentation Village/RH GO

•Bayview & Highway 7 Area

Workshop Presentation Bayview/Hwy 7

•Oak Ridges Centre Area

Workshop Presentation Oak Ridges

•East Beaver Creek & Highway 7 Area

Workshop Presentation Beaver Creek/Hwy 7

Below are some examples of the details that were presented at each workshop.

Click the above presentations for area specific details.

Staff provided additional details about the vision of "Complete Community" and the "15 Minute Neighbourhood" for key areas in Richmond Hill

What is a Complete Community?

Below are a few trends in Richmond Hill that

Complete Communities could address

The slides below show that a hectare of land and deployment of

density can be in various forms.

It doesn't have to be all 40+ storey skyscrapers to meet density targets.

Below is an example of the area specific information provided

in each presentation

Below are the Official Plan Update Timelines and

how you can stay involved

City's Official Plan Update Webpage

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