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Recap: Richmond Hill Public Library Board meeting April 26, 2022

Members in Attendance

Stephen Chait, Regional and Local Councillor Joe DiPaola, Sugantha Raj,

Mahnaz Shahbazi, Rona Wang

Regrets - Councillors Greg Beros, Tom Muench and Frank DiPede,

No show - Councillor Perrelli

Note: The following summary is not to be considered direct quotes or meeting minutes but the best interpretation of the comments made at the meeting.


The meeting was late starting because of lack of quorum, started at 4:15 pm.

The highlights of the meeting included:

  • There was presentation to the Board on the status of Brand Strategy and Identity Project by the Director of Content Strategy and Delivery.

    • Using data collected on the consultation for the strategic plan the RHPL is updating its Brand Strategy.

    • The focus is on conveying to the citizens of RH what the library does and how it can help individuals improve their lives and adapt to changes in society.

    • A consultant has been engaged and it is expected that concepts for branding will be presented at the next meeting along with a road map for implementation.

    • Members of the Board were asked to sit on the brand committee. Stephen Chait volunteered.

There were several reports circulated to the committee all of which are posted on the Board website as part of the agenda.

  • 8.1 2021 Richmond Hill Public Library Community Report (Draft) (page 7)

  • 8.2 2021 Financial Close Report (page 15)

  • 8.3 Use of Library Resources for Election Campaign Purposes Report (page 23)

  • 8.4 Meeting Room Rental Policy Update Report (page 34)

  • 8.5 Library Remote Attendance Policy Update (page 38)

There was discussion on 8.1 by Stephen Chait. The report will be on the RHPL web site. The report details the activities of the RHPL in 2021 and compares activity levels to 2020. In most cases there were increases in the numbers of both virtual and actual physical resources used by the community. Mr Chait praised the staff for the hard work.

With regard to 8.4 Mr. Chait felt there should be a larger discussion regarding room rental to the general public. This item was referred to the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm.

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