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Recap: Richmond Hill Special Council Meeting Sept. 8

Mayor Dave Barrow called for a special meeting of council for September 8th with the scheduled item being a Member Motion - Mayor Barrow - City Governance and Council Meeting Efficiency. The motion to be tabled at the meeting. This was Mayor Barrow's first meeting back since going on extended medical leave in February 2021.

The very contentious and disruptive meeting lasted almost 3 hours with Councillors Perrelli, Beros, Muench and DiPaola bringing forth many Points of Order.

The end result?

The motion below was approved by the majority of council (Barrow, DiPaola, Chan, Cilevitz and West) despite the fact that Councillors Perrelli, Beros, Muench and Liu left the meeting in protest before the final vote.

  • Going forward there will be only one Deputy Mayor and it is Joe DiPaola

  • Regional Councillor Carmine Perrelli is no longer Deputy Mayor

  • If the Mayor is absent then Joe DiPaola will be Acting Mayor

  • In the event both the Mayor and Acting Mayor are absent the motion included an Acting Mayor Roster in 3 month increments starting with Councillor Chan (Ward 6) ending with Councillor Muench (Ward 2)

  • Councillor Greg Beros is not included in the Acting Mayor Roster

  • Amendments made to the Motion to Reconsider which will now require a two-third vote to pass

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