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Residents Protest-Sunday June 28-Say NO to “Sky is the Limit” and Overdevelopment in Richmond Hill

The purpose of the protest is to send a clear message to the Richmond Hill City Council to stop approving irresponsible development. 

Richmond Hill Council is promoting the same height and density as downtown Toronto. Not for the benefit of residents but for the benefit of developers, AND without adequate infrastructure support.

All are welcome to attend!!

When?  Sunday, June 28, 2020

1:30pm to 3:30pm


Corners of Yonge Street and 16th Avenue

  • Marshalls will be giving instructions on where to go.

  • All attendees must wear a face covering and adhere to a 2-meter social distancing.

  • Homemade signs are welcome

This event is organized by Richmond Hill Umbrella Residents Group (RHURG). 

For more information email to

It is the opinion of many that the pro-developer councillors control the city council. There is a need for residents to publicly express their disapproval and demand that our elected officials really represent the residents, not the developers.

Some examples of recent overdevelopment:

  • Yonge-Bernard KDA Revision Plan: The Council adopted a plan that removed building height restrictions. The area has insufficient transit, a YRT bus station only, but the planned density exceeds that of the Yonge/Eglinton KDA, expected to add an additional 5,500 units.

  • Yonge-Bloomington: The Oak Ridges Moraine area is zoned for townhouses, but a revised application includes 13 buildings of 8 to 12 storey apartments, with a total of 1,900 units.

  • Yonge-Elgin Mills: A 28-storey rental apartment application at the Southwest corner of Yonge-Elgin Mills

  • Yonge-16th Ave: A revised 43-storey and a 38-storey apartment building application which increased height and density

  • Yonge-Hwy#7: A 54-storey condo application going straight to LPAT without public consultation

The density and height of these applications are often double/triple as permitted by the zoning bylaws or official plan.

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