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RH Climate Change Actions Approved!

At the February 12th meeting Council unanimously approved additional directions for the Corporate Climate Change Framework and Community Energy and Emissions Plan including:

The application of a climate change lens to the City’s policies, plans and programs, where applicable, and identify through staff reports how climate change mitigation and/or adaptation has been considered.

Undertaking a GHG inventory for Richmond Hill and identify targets and timeframes for GHG emission reductions.

Options and incentives to enable home/building energy efficiency retrofits to conserve energy use, save money and reduce GHG emissions.

Options to promote private property resilience such as connecting homeowners to flood protection assessment programs and other resources to help safeguard homes from extreme weather events.

Options for the electrification of some of the City’s fleet vehicles and tools to support the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in public and private developments to encourage low carbon transportation options.

Enhancement of capacity in the community to implement climate change actions by developing a climate change community outreach toolkit and a climate leaders’ training/recognition program.

Provision of additional incentives through the Sustainability Metrics Program for sustainable design features that support climate change mitigation.

Joining the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy for the purpose of learning from cities around world to help inform our work on climate change.


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