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Richmond Hill council term has been marked by a series of exits by senior officials. Why?

The Commissioner of Community Services, Ilmar Simanovskis was fired by Richmond Hill Council at a closed meeting Wednesday February 26th. No reason given.

This comes on the heels of the firing of the City Manager Neil Garbe also in a closed meeting on Wednesday February 13th. No reason given.

And don’t forget the firing of the Integrity Commissioner Deborah Anschell, ADR Chambers Inc. in a closed meeting on October 22nd. No reason given.

Other folks who have left the City of Richmond Hill include:

Italo Brutto- Commissioner EIS John DeVries-Chief Building Official Sal Aiello-Manager of Development  Gwen Manderson-Director, Strategic Initiatives

Carol Moore: communication services manager

Louise Procter Maio: chief executive officer of Richmond Hill Public Library

David Bishop-Chair, Library Board

Jeff Baker: Supervisor, bylaw/ licensing enforcement

Gloria Collier: deputy clerk

Samara Kaplan: director of human resources services

Read Richmond Hill Liberal reporter Sheila Wang's article here

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