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Richmond Hill Councillor docked 180 days pay for not informing other councillors of two meetings

Richmond Hill Councillor Karen Cilevitz will not get paid for another six months after the city’s integrity commissioner found her breaching the code of conduct over Cilevitz’s contravention of the code in two separate reports by not informing other councillors of two residents meetings.

Instead of the recommended reprimand Council decided Oct. 16 to suspend Cilevitz’s pay for 180 days — 90 days for each offence — for failure to notify her fellow councillors of two residents meeting she organized in April and March respectively.

It was the third and fourth complaint filed back to back by Regional Councillor Carmine Perrelli against the ward 5 councillor since the beginning of this term costing Cilevitz a total loss of 315 days’ pay. It is also the first time that a Richmond Hill councillor has been suspended about a year’s worth of pay. It is the most severe financial penalty under the Ontario Municipal Act.

“This is a very very extreme penalty for a not so extreme offence,” Coun. David West told his fellow representatives before voting against the motions along with Mayor Dave Barrow and Coun. Godwin Chan.

“we want to change her behaviour” Councillors Perrelli, Dipaola, Beros and Muench voted for the motions to suspend her pay.

Councillor Cilevitz, the only female on RH council, continues to work for the residents of Richmond Hill albeit she has lost almost a years’ worth of salary.


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