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Richmond Hill Budget Meeting October 19th

Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.

View Agenda here and Livestream here

Agenda items include:

2022 Draft Capital Budget and Forecast

  • The City’s infrastructure assets are in good condition relative to many other Ontario and Canadian municipalities.

  • The 2022 Capital Budget request for the City is a total of $77,423,800 ($72,719,400 capital projects and $4,704,400 of project management and overhead costs related to capital project delivery

2021 Operating Forecast Q3

  • The Operating Fund is anticipated to result in a net deficit of $5.55 million due to COVID-19, which is directly attributed to a 44.15% decline in non-tax revenues.

  • The impact has been mitigated through measures implemented by management and funding support from the Federal and Province governments through the Safe Restart and Provincial COVID-19 Recovery funding program.

  • Staff anticipate the combination of the announced 2021 funding of $7.3 million as well as $2.578 million unused funding from 2020 will provide the necessary relief to mitigate the currently anticipated deficit, the remaining $4.4M of the funding will be carryforward and available for any COVID-19 related pressures in 2022.

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