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Richmond Hill Council Members Q2 Expenses Jan to June 2021

See how the Council Members spent their taxpayer funded $609K Constituency budgets in the first 6 months of 2021.

Key Points:

  • Total Expenses until June 30, 2021 is $87,981

  • $74,944 (85%) spent on communications, advertising, social media and website

    • $48,071 (64% of $74,944) was spent by Joe DiPaola and Carmine Perrelli

  • Perrelli had Unallocated Expenses for lawyer fees in the amount of $6,108.

    • CAG submitted a FOI to request copies of the lawyer invoices but were told that Perrelli has not submitted receipts for these expenses

    • The City Treasurer was not able to confirm if Perrelli received reimbursement for these fees

  • Since becoming Acting Mayor in February 2021, Joe DiPaola has spent not only his Regional Councillor budget but also some of the Mayor's budget and the Council Engagement and Marketing budget which is directed by the Mayor's office

The Numbers


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