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Richmond Hill is once again searching for an Integrity Commissioner

What happened to Norman J. Groot and Investigation Counsel PC who up until two weeks ago was still listed on the City website as the Integrity Commissioner?

UPDATE: The City website has been corrected to show Investigation Counsel as the current IC.

Today the website shows that Deborah Anschell from ADR Chambers is the current IC however she was abruptly dismissed by Council October 2019. What's going on?

When Mr. Groot was hired residents questioned why a lawyer who specializes in fraud recovery and who is also a former Police Officer convicted of assaulting a prisoner in custody, with no IC experience was hired to be the Richmond Hill Integrity Commissioner in December 2019.

Seems almost coincidental that Councillor Karen Cilevitz was investigated for fraud within 6 months of a lawyer specializing in fraud is hired by Council to be the IC and a few months later after Councillor Cilevitz is charged with fraud suddenly the City is searching for a new Integrity Commissioner.

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