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Richmond Hill Public Library Board Member Disqualification?

According to Richmond Hill Public Library Board Minutes, Board member Mahnaz Shahbazi has missed Library Board meetings over 4 consecutive months and when watching the livestream it also appeared that she was not in attendance at the Tuesday September 22, 2020 meeting.

Ms. Shahbazi sent regrets on March 13, April 3, May 26 and June 23. There were no meetings scheduled in July and August.

According to both the Richmond Hill Public Library Board By-law Policy and the Public Library Act Ms. Shahbazi is now disqualified to be a Library Board Member as she has missed meetings for 4 consecutive months and there is no mention in any of the Minutes that she received authorization by Board resolution to miss these meetings.

A request for Ms. Shahbazi's removal from the Library Board has been sent to both Library CEO Darren Solomon and Board Chair Councillor Greg Beros.

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