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Richmond Hill residents receiving phone calls regarding the Fall Election

Richmond Hill residents are receiving calls from a polling company requesting 2 minutes to discuss the upcoming election in Richmond Hill.

The caller then says, "it's clear David West and Carmine Perrelli will be running for mayor, who will you vote for".

When residents question the caller asking who the polling company is, and the contact info for this company, the caller hangs up.

Please be advised the City of Richmond Hill and David West have not hired a polling company. The poll is not sanctioned by the City of Richmond Hill.

Residents have also reported receiving phone calls where the caller asks if the person would vote for Greg Beros.

Beware: Neither Carmine Perrelli or Greg Beros have registered to run as candidates in the Richmond Hill 2022 Municipal Election being held in October.

David West is a registered candidate running for Mayor of Richmond Hill.

View all Registered Candidates here

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